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The characteristics of pneumatic ball valve

1. fluid resistance, ball valve is all small class in a fluid minimum resistance, even the non-reducing ball valve, the fluid resistance is quite small.
2. thrust bearings reduce friction torque, stem can operate smoothly flexible stem long.
3. seating performance is good, adopts teflon etc elastic material made of sealing structure, easy to seal, and the ball valve sealing ability as the medium pressure increased.
4. stem sealing is reliable, because only the valve stem rotation shipped without lifting movement, stem packing seal to destroy, and sealing ability with increased pressure.
5. because of ptfe etc material has good self-lubricity, and the friction losses small ball valve, the service life is long.
6. and remove theatrical makeup and costume type stem and stem head convex order prevent stem, such as fire damage caused by stem sealing convex order and body, still can form between metal contact, ensure stem seal.
7. anti-static function: in the sphere, the stem, the valve can be set between spring and the process of static switch is derived.

Actuator adopts new series GT pneumatic actuators, type, double function of single function and reset (spring), super-modulus gear transmission, safe and reliable, Large diameter valve using series AW type pneumatic actuators fork type transmission, reasonable structure, output torque, and a double function of single function
1. the gear, the output torque twin piston, small volume.
2. aluminium alloy material selection, cylinder, light weight, beautiful appearance.
3. but at the top, bottom, installation manual operation.
4. rack connections can adjust the opening Angle, the rated flow.
5. and actuators optional signal feedback instruction and all kinds of electric accessories to realize automation.
6. and IS05211 standards for the installation of the product change connecting convenience.
7. and ends of adjustable screw can make the standard products in 0 ° and 90 ° have ± 4 ° adjustable scope. To ensure the accuracy of synchronization with the valve.

Attachment requirements and control according to the different options can choose the following attachments: cut type accessories: single electric solenoid valves, electric solenoid valve, limit switch back).
DiaoJieXing accessories, electrical locator, pneumatic locator, electrical switches.
Gas processing accessories: air filter relief-pressure valve, air handling sanlian pieces.
Manual institutions: ZTSD hand institutions

Execution standard
1. design and manufacturing: GB12237-89, API608, API, JPI 6D 7S - 48, BS5351, DIN3357. Dual role of the cylinder
2. flange size: JB/T74 ~ 90 (90), GB9112 JB74 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 76, 9131, HGJ44 SH3406 B16.5, ANSI, JIS B2212 ~ 2214, NF E29-211, DIN2543.
3. structure length: GB12221-89, ANSI, JIS B2002 B16.10 and NF E29-305, DIN3202.
4. the test and inspection 9092 JB/T:, API 598.

Performance specifications
Nominal diameter mm DN15-300
Material code
The major parts
ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti ball valve body ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti WCB 1Cr18Ni9Ti 2Cr13 body 1Cr18Ni12MoTi stem 2Cr13 1Cr18Ni9Ti 1Cr18Ni12MoTi
Sealing ring enhanced ptfe contrapuntal polystyrene fill material teflon flexible graphite
Applicable conditions
Applicable medium
Steam, water, oil of nitric acid of applicable temperature - 28 degrees - 300 degrees Celsius
Type, DA/SR series, placed are considered GTD/GTE series, QGSY series, etc
Air pressure 0.4-0.7 MPa
Test pressure (Mpa)
The nominal pressure (Mpa) 1.6 2.5 4.0 6.4 10.0 150 10K 20K 300 600
Strength test 2.4 3.8 6.0 9.6 cheiloschisis or palatoschisis 3.1 7.8 15.3 2.4 3.8
Seal test 1.8 2.8 4.4 7.0 11.0 2.2 5.6 11.2 1.5 2.8
Tightness test 0.5 ~ 0.7

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