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Summary of electric v-type regulating ball valves

ZDRV electric v-type regulating valve seat is a core, or use a metal to metal with ptfe seals the ball, it will rotate the butterfly valve and optimal control characteristics combine into one, and can be used for control valves, and can be shut off the cut-off valve. Its main features are:
(1) without any pipe joints of one-piece body, therefore not pipeline or bolt stress influence, and because the body without any pipe joints, won't be pressure-tight shell stress influence of mutations.
(2) has a v-shaped body, even in small flow or under the condition of high viscosity medium, also can be in the range within the scope of control, ensure accuracy,
(3) to prevent leakage of seat in the outer durable in line with stainless steel inner core PTFE cup or type O ring, with large cross-section of the seat is made of tungsten carbide cobalt alloy bellows, through a further enhances the spring seat structure,
(4) when the valve is closed, v-shaped gap between wedge and seat, and both shearing action is consecrated function and can prevent ball core jammed, especially suitable for pipeline scaling frozen or contain fiber and granular solid occasions.
Suitable for high viscosity, suspension, such as pulp not clean, containingfibres medium. Adopts straight way and actuators connected with a compact structure, small size, light weight, low resistance, stable and reliable. According to the requirements of users do hold UNIC configuration, PSQ, HQ, DHL, etc GTX electronic electric actuators or AL, piston and pneumatic actuators.

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