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Inspection standard of fire-fighting ball valve

Factory inspection

1 fire ball valves are manufactured by Taiwan shall, before the factory inspection.
2 ex-factory inspection according to 4.2.2; 4.4.1, 4.1 4.4.2 provisions, shall conform to the result, the requirements of this standard.

Type test

1 one of following cases, must conduct pilot test:
A. new product or old products manufacturer turns factory trial-produced finalize the appraisal,
B. formal production, such as structure, material, technology has changed greatly, which may affect the product performance,
C. products in a normal production,
D. products production, production for six months above,
E. national quality supervision and inspection on the organization forms when required.
2 should examine qualified products factory inspection of random sampling, the number of samples for three.
3 types according to the inspection standard chapter 4, 3 samples of the entire project.
4 types of all inspection results for compliance with this international standard rules.

Fire ball marks, packaging, transportation and storage

1 mark
Fire ball symbol shall conform to the provisions 12220 GB. GB 12220 table 1 ~ 5 content must be marked on the valve body. Provisions for the flow direction of medium, the ball can be cancelled five content.
2. Packing, transportation and storage
Fire ball valve packing, transportation, storage shall conform to the provisions of GB/T 12252.

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