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Test method of fire-fighting ball valve

Open and close test

1 the fire ball valve opening and closing power should use the standard CeLiJi or precision grades had the same force measurement device testing and other.
2 the force should be open test along the handwheel or rotates the tangent direction.
3 the handwheel and handles shall be separately according to the measured points in figure 1, figure 2 position arrangement. With the ball, measuring points allowed in the grip of ball head center.
4 test for fire control valve to allow before 10 times open fully closed the pretreatment of operation.
5 test should guarantee the fire before the opening or closing valves in the differential pressure for the fire ball nominal pressure value.

Pressure test

1 test requirements
(1) test for water temperature, medium in 5 ~ 40 ° c.
(2) test process should not make fire ball valves may influence the results by force.
(3) test pressure should be gradually increased to provisions in the test pressure value, keep pressure test for the duration.
(4) test, should put the fire out of the ball in the air.
(5) test pressure gauges or pressure indicator of not less than 1, the accuracy of the test pressure range for around 1.6 times.
(6) shell, fire ball pressure test surface not paint or using other may cover the coating surface defects. To have painted the fire ball valve, inventory in shell when pressure test was allowed to retain the coating.
(7) seal test should be carried out after pressure test in the shell.
(8), sealing seal test should be cleaned, WuYouJi, in order to prevent scratch, can besmear sealing a layer of oil film thickness in kerosene.
2 shell pressure test
Ball valves, partially open fire from the other end to end, with water pressure within the body, to test pressure, and then to shell (including the stuffing box and body and bonnet coupling place) to inspect.
3 seal test
Provisions for the flow direction of medium fire ball spheres partially open, closed fire ball valve outlet and inlet to the body from within, and filled with water pressure test pressure, closing the sphere, release pressure and export, open outlet seal performance. The flow direction of medium not stipulated in the fire, and the other end valves should be in the same method, inspection.

Static pressure life test

Fire ball of static life test according to the provisions of JB/Z 246.

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