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Main characteristic of V type control ball-valve

V-type regulating valves as the ball with V type structure, the core of seat is shearing action. Therefore applicable papermaking industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, and other industrial enterprises contains fiber or small solid particles of alcohols medium related parameters of control, especially suitable for pulp and papermaking production process of pulp, water, cooking, white liquid etc of suspended particles and thick, turbidity flow of liquid fluid medium, automatic regulation v-type regulating valve features
1, flexible load auxiliary seal seat and valve seat and guarantee to the ball core canute the close contact
2, the body structure, with integral potential leakage does not exist
3, etc, are very wide percentage of the control range and special stability control process, can be widely used in various process
4, stem and ball core, when connected by involute spline tooth profile loading, the tooth with a radial force can function, and the automatic peeling strength evenly tooth of high intensity, long service life

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