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Performance requirement of fire-fighting ball valve

1. fire control valves with the theme scope prescribed standard of classification of the fire valve products, technical requirements, experiment method, testing rules, marks, packaging, transportation and storage.
This standard is applicable to transport water and foam additives and other liquid extinguisher, medium temperature - 40 ~ + 70 degrees of fire ball.
This standard does not apply to fire extinguisher valve gas.
2. the reference standard
3181 GB standard sample film color
GB 3452.1 hydraulic gas use o-shape rubber ring size series and tolerance
12220 generic valve symbol of GB
12223 GB valve actuation device of turning parts connected
GB 12225 generic valve copper alloy casting technology conditions
GB 12226 universal valves castings technical conditions
GB 12227 universal valves ductile iron technology conditions
GB/T 12252 generic valve supply requirements
JB/Z 246 ball static life test procedures

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