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Maintain standard of ball valve

(1) must first find out the downstream piping and valves is unloaded pressure, can remove decomposition operation.
(2) decomposition and assembly must be to prevent damage sealing parts, especially non-metal parts, remove o-rings inappropriate use of special tools.
(3) when the flange assembly must be symmetrical, gradually, bolt equably tight.
(4) cleaning the ball with rubber parts, plastic products, metal parts and working medium (such as gas) are incompatible. Working medium for gas, gasoline (GB484-89) clean metal parts. Non-metal parts with water or alcohol cleaning.
(5) decomposition of the individual parts down can dip means cleaning. Still have not decompose down the metal nonmetal can use clean fine clean macerate of detergent has to avoid fiber silk (off) scrubbing clinging to parts. When cleaning remove all on the surface adhesion in grease, dirt, deposition of glue, dust, etc.
(6) non-metal parts should be immediately after cleaning, cleaning out from not long soaking.
(7) to be washed clean after cleaning after volatile surface cleaners of leaching can not (rub silk), but not long time assembly aside, otherwise it will rust, dust pollution.
(8) the new parts before assembly also need to clean.
(9) use grease lubrication. Grease and ball metal materials, rubber, plastic and working medium are incompatible. Working medium for gas, such as special 221 grease. In the installation of the slot on the surface of seal with a thin layer of grease, in rubber seal with a thin layer of grease, stem seal and the friction surface with a thin layer of grease.
(10) assembly should not allow a metal deposits, fiber, use of oil (except), dust and other foreign matter, pollution, adhesion or stay in part on the surface or into the lumen.

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