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Installation of ball valve

Before installation

(1) pipeline before and after ball valve was ready. Front and back pipe should be coaxial the two flanges sealing surface should be parallel. Pipe should be able to bear the weight of the ball, otherwise the piperoad line should be with adequate support.
(2) the valve front and back pipeline should be swept clean, remove the oil sewage, welding slag, and all the other impurities.
(3) check ball valve mark, find out ball valve intact without damage. the fully open and close for several times,is to prove its working normally.
(4) take apart the protection element of the ends of the valve flange.
(5) check valve holes and remove dirt, and clean the valve orifice. Even tiny particles between the srat and the ball may damage seat sealing surface.


(1) the pipeline is installed on the valve. Any end of the valve can be installed in any one upstream end. The valve can be driven by handle installed in the pipeline in any position. But with gear box or pneumatic drive the ball valve should be installed upright, installed in horizontal pipe runs, and drives Are installed in the pipeline.
(2)the sealing gasket should be installed between valve flange and pipeline flanges according to the design requirements.
(3) flange bolts should symmetrical, successive and lock.
(4) connected pneumatic pipeline (when adopt pneumatic drive).

Check after installation

(1) operation drive instrument open or close ball valves for several times, should be flexible, without sluggish acerbity, prove its working normally.
(2) go ahead sealing performance examination according to the requirements of pipeline design to the flange combination surface between pipeline and ball valve.

Installation and maintenance note:

1 should stay the valve position of rotating handle.
2 not for throttling.
3 transmission mechanism of ball valves shall installed uprightly.

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