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Two-plate Inner Thread V-shape Ball Valve

manufacturer: Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd.

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Two-plate inner thread v-shape ball valves
Two-plate inner thread v-shape ball valves

connecting form: thread
nominal diameter: 1/4”~4”.
applicable medium: Water, oil, steam, nitric acid, acetic acid, etc
suitable temperature: -40~+150 degree.
seat: PTFE.
working pressure: 1000 WOG.
hoisting forceN: 300~400.
thread standard: PT thread and NPT thread plug gauge or implement according to BS21 plug, tightening datum plate too flat, allowing more than range of 0.5 ~ 0.8mm
main material: 304 and 316.
design and manufacture according to: ISO, API, GB, BS, etc.

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