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Pneumatic Discharge Stuff Ball Valve

manufacturer: Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd.

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product drawing

Q641 pneumatic discharge stuff ball valve(pic1)
Q641 pneumatic discharge stuff ball valve(pic1)
Q641 pneumatic discharge stuff ball valve(pic2)
Q641 pneumatic discharge stuff ball valve(pic2)

Product feature

     Ball valve uses a circular channel ball as a hoist part, the ball is rotated by the stem to achieve the open and close. The hoist part is a ball with hole,around the axis that is perpendicular to the channel to rotate, so it can achieve the purpose of open and close channel.
     The valve is a special structural discharge stuff ball valve, the seat is close to the flange face, the material remaining is little, the structure is compact, and the sealing performance is superior. It is used for the reactive pan of the fine chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical industry. And it also can be used in valuable granular media transmission. It adopts PPL sealing material with more wearable, is the ideal product of vaccum ointment making pan discharge stuff in toothpaste industry. Its failure and the reasons (1), poor uniformity of potassium carbonate liquid, causes the blockage of feeding tube, forming intermittent feeding phenomenon, to make the centrifuge vibrating. (2) The angle can not be adjust, and the centrifugal drum speed is too fast. When feeding material, it is overflowing, easy to burn the human body (potassium carbonate liquid temperature is about 70 ℃); (3) The discharge stuff valve is located at the top of centrifuge. It should be tilted when discharging, and it is difficult to operate.


Q641 pneumatic discharge stuff ball valve structural diagram
Q641 pneumatic discharge stuff ball valve structural diagram

Main external and connection dimensions

nominal diameter DN G L L1 D K n-Φd H W
mm in
25 1″ G1″ 72 22 100 78 4-Φ10 160 140
40 1 1/2″ G1/2″ 92 31 130 100 4-Φ12 18/0 164
50 2″ G2″ 112 41 150 130 4-Φ14 220 190
65 2 1/2″ G21/2″ 125 46 190 155 4-Φ14 250 210
80 3″ G3″ 160 57 205 170 4-Φ14 275 247
100 4″ G4″ 175 68 235 200 4-Φ18 310 276
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