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Miniature Electric Ball Valve

manufacturer: Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Tel: 0086 (021) 3652 8716
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Miniature electric ball valves
Miniature electric ball valves

Specification: DN15-32
It is applied to a variety of craft occasion that has great restriction of installation dimensions and volume.

Product characteristic

the volume is ultra-small, the height is shorter than 120mm, the weight is 0.8KG.
All steel metal gear transmission (operational life is far beyond the plastic gear), worm gear output, and the transmission structure is simple and reliable
Self-locking (self-holding valve position) function.
The product supports a variety of power supply (AC85V-260V) drive access.
Simple structure, reliable performance. It can replace variety of small-caliber solenoid valve products widely.
With a large pressure difference resistance, hard to block, and it has a purge function for the pipeline (core self-cleaning function) protection level:IP65
With the Full On / Full closure output signals (NPN transistor set current)

Applicable field

Air-conditioning systems, fire systems, water treatment systems, pipeline purging, analytical instruments, gas sampling, etc.

Product technical parameter

technical quota product technical parameter
power supply voltage AC85V-260V
mechanical stroke angle 0-90 degree
connection manner pipe thread(inside screw)
action time 7 Second
rated current 200mA
drive motor 4.6W
protector Thermistor Motor Protection Mechanical limit block
open indicator full open/close position feedback
full open red(LED)
full close green(LED)
output signal full open/close output signal
NPN transistor emitter sharing, collector current
contact volume:DC50V,20mA)
applicable environment temperature:-25~+55℃ humidity:10—90%RH
nominal diameter DN15/DN20/DN25/DN32
nominal pressure PN1.0Mpa
protection level IP65
installation direction any angle
distributing cable 0.3×6 core cable 30CM
valve material SUS304 stainless steel
sealing PTFE
weight 0.8kg
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