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Electric Full Welded Ball Valve

manufacturer: Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd.

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Q961 electric full welded ball valves
Q961 electric full welded ball valves

Large-diameter full welded ball valve plays an important role in the domestic major projects, but most of them use the imported products; imported products is not only expensive, and the maintenance time is long, after-sales service is difficult, is still a thorny problem of end-user.
Localization of the valve industry has always been more concerned, and also been one kind of high-end valve products. Our company has the largest full weled machine in the domestic valve industry, the machine can be welded 56 "and even larger full welded ball valve.

Structural feature and function

1、advanced seat: it is designed by many years of ball valve manufacturing experience, the frictional coefficient is low, the operation torque is small. A variety of seat materials, and the applicable range is wide.
2、stem anti-fly structure: set the steps in the lower part of the stem, install the stem from downloading the internal body, to prevent the stem fly off.
3、anti-static function: the anti-static spring set up between the ball and body or stem, is able to lead out the static that produced by switch actions process.
4、fire-resistant structure: the advanced fire-resistant design, after the fire, each leak part is designed as flexible graphite packing or stainless steel packed with graphite, in order to meet the fire resistance requirements, in line with API6FA and API607 requirements.
5、handle operation uses flat head stem, and will not be misplaced with the handle connection, thus ensuring the handle indicative switch state in line with the valve. In order to prevent the valve switch being malfunction, when the switch is fully open, the fully closed position has been set a lock hole, which ensures the valve in the right place.
6、 fire-resistant structure: the advanced fire-resistant design, after the fire, each leak sealing parts formed metal to metal sealing after the burning, in line with API6FA and API607 requirements. To the place that has a strict demanding for fire-resistance, the sealing part uses flexible graphite packing and stainless steel packed with graphite gasket sealing, to ensure no leakage. (When ordering please specify: All fire-type, FB type)
7、valves use the most advanced support plate structure at home and abroad, and improve the valve’s service life, reduce the operation torque. It also extends the service life greatly.

Structural type

product standard:GB standard
1、design and manufacture:GB12237
2、face to face dimensions:GB12221 、GB/T15188.1
3、connection dimensions:JB/T79、GB9113、HG20592,etc the welded valve joint according to JB12224 (the user must provide the pipe size )
4、inspection and test:GB13927、JB/T9092

product standard:API standard
1、design and manufacture:API 6D、API 608
2、face to face dimensions:API6D、ANSI B16.10
3、connection dimensions:ANSI B16.5 is greater than 24" adopting MSS-SP44 or API605 the welded valve joint according to ANSI B16.25 (the user must provide the pipe size )
4、inspection and test:API 6D、 API 598

product standard: other
1、design and manufacture:BS5351
2、face to face dimensions:BS2080/JIS 10K、20K按 JIS B2002
3、connection dimensions:ANSI B16.5、JIS B2212、JIS B2214
4、inspection and test:BS6755、JIS B2003

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