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Electric Forged Steel Anti-sulfur Ball Valve

manufacturer: Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd.

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product drawing

Electric forged steel anti-sulfur ball valves
Electric forged steel anti-sulfur ball valves

Product feature

The valve uses polymers as sealing material, with excellent sealing performance in a wide range of temperature and pressure. The material selection is wide, the specification and the pressure are complete, with both the full diameter and necking. The valve is chemical, oil refining, oil and gas flow system Valve

Main design parameter

structural features: three-section floating ball, body,bonnet and ball are all forged piece.
dimension: full diameter:DN 20~300(1"~12")
necking:DN 20~350(1"~12")
pressure:PN1.6~16.0MPa、ANSI class 150~600Lb
fire proof test: according to API 607 and BS 6755Ⅱpass the fire test
corrosive resistance: body selects a variety of anti-corrosion materials, stem, ball, fixed axis and seat can be nickel-plated according to the ANSI.
driving mode: Small-diameter uses manual operation, large diameter adopts worm gear operation (according to customers’ requirement, it can be equipped with pneumatic, electric or hydraulic and other actuators.)
anti-sulfur: Selected the material that in line with NACE 01-75 standard, and in combination with other requirements to design and manufacture.

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