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Cut Sphere Ball Valve

manufacturer: Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Tel: 0086 (021) 3652 8716
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product drawing

Q41 cut sphere ball valves
Q41 cut sphere ball valves

Product feature

A、Using spring load movable seat structure, and preventing the core and seat blocking or breaking away and other problems, the sealing is reliable and the service life is long.
B、Between the V-notch ball core and seat, it has shearing function, especially suitable for medium that containing fibers, tiny solid particles, slurry and so on.
C、When full open, the flow capacity is large, pressure loss is small, and the media will not be deposited in the body cavity.
D、The valve has precise regulation and positioning function, flow characteristic is approximate equal to percentage, adjustable range is large, the largest regulative ratio is 100:1.

Main design parameter

nominal pressure:PN1.6~6.4MPa
suitable temperature: normal temperature:-28~180℃、medium temperature-40~450℃
body material:WCB、CF8、CF8M、CF3M stem:2Cr13
rotative angle:90 seat:PTFE、0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb
core material:CF8、CF8M、CF3M basic error:1.5%
return difference:1.5% blank area:0.5%

nominal diameter DN, rated flow coefficient Kv, permissible pressure differential △P

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